Airway Beacons, Navigation Arrows Featured on KUTV

KUTV spot on navigation arrows

KUTV spot on navigation arrows

Today Salt Lake City’s KUTV ran a report on airway beacons and navigation arrows. Check it out!

Some other resources to help you search for these beacons and/or arrows are my Airway Beacons lists:

and some external links give background information and further details:

Government Shutdown Affects NGS, USGS

Due to the government shutdown, the NGS and USGS websites are currently unavailable.

Archived NGS datasheets (from 2000-2001) are available at

These are useful only for benchmark hunters and are not to be considered reliable survey data.

Some USGS datasheets are available here:

NOAA’s Tides and Currents website is still active. Tidal bench mark datasheets are available here:

Local agencies’ marks may be available here: